About Wendy

Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Wendy Ahlm and I love to paint. You can find me painting outside (sometimes referred to as painting 'en plein air') or in my studio (which sounds much fancier than it is in real life.) I live in Tijeras, New Mexico with my family, including two gigantic dogs and nine chatty chickens. See my art at www.wendyahlmart.com.

For those of you visiting my site who have not heard of GoToArtCamp (also called Art Kits To Go), please take a look around this site. I started creating paint kits in 2015 so that people of all ages could enjoy painting - alone or in a group - and not have to buy a gazillion art supplies. The art kits have been an incredibly rewarding project - they are a joy to create and even more exciting when customers share what they learned from painting them. Kids love them, grown-ups become kids again, and families sit and enjoy a paint night together.